Poppies and Remembrance Day

Greetings Platypuses!

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Today in class and in assembly we talked about Remembrance Day and on Sunday it will be Remembrance Sunday

What can you tell your adult about what you have learnt about why we have Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies

Sometimes we can find it upsetting thinking about the soldiers, doctors, nurses and many others who died taking care of our country so that we could live in safety in a country that treats everyone equally; it is important to remember that we didn’t know these people so we shouldn’t get too upset but we respect their memory and all the good they did.

I think they would be happy to see what good lives most people in Britain have now, at least in part because of them.

Unfortunately as the interactive whiteboard is not working I have not been able to show you some of the lovely videos that would help you to understand more about Remembrance Day but you can watch them below. 

I hope that one day there will be peace all over the world, how can we play our part in making the world a better place? (Being kind and helpful, always solving our disagreements with sensible words not unkind hands and treating everyone equally)

Many of you made beautiful poppy artwork which you can see in the photos above. 

Remember that on Sunday there will be a two minute silence at 11 o’clock. It is of course a choice as to whether you take part in it; why not talk to your adult about what you think and feel about it?

Homework is due on Tuesdays. It is the responsibility of each Platypus to hand in their own homework as they are developing their independence (they are reminded many times though!) If phonics books are not handed in then the next week’s homework slip cannot be attached. Maths homework will soon start being sent home, just as soon as the folders arrive 🙂

Reading diaries must be in book bags withs reading books (those for practise and those they have chosen to take home) every day as the day on which groups read changes. If books are not returned then we cannot send new books home which will be detrimental to the practise that could be done. Reading regularly is best! 

Next week is Anti-bullying week and on Monday we will be raising money for the Anti-Bullying Alliance by wearing odd socks (£1 contribution please). 

On Thursday it is the children’s individual photos so you may want to make sure they look extra specially smart that day! 

It will be Blue Team‘s turn for Show and Tell on Tuesday. Please bring one toy/picture/item of choice if you would like to. Please only bring in toys when it is your colour team’s turn for Show and Tell as they can easily get lost 😦

Please wear your PE kit on Monday and make sure all your belongings (school uniform, PE kit, book bag etc.) have your name in/on them. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend full of exploring, reading, writing, sleeping, eating, singing, dancing, playing and your fabulous phonics homework!  Do comment on the blog! 


Miss Linsley x

A creative week :)

Greetings Platypuses!

Finally we are all together! We now have a full class of 29 and know our colour teams (I will send home a colour team list on Monday). I have sent home a new Elephant Reminder which shows that Show and Tell is now on Tuesday afternoons. Due to the moving around of our class music lesson I had to re-work the timetable hence the change of day. 

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We have begun to settle into a school routine, this includes starting our phonics and maths lessons and practising important behaviour and good manners such as raising our hand on the carpet when we want to talk, taking turns, forming a sensible line, using kind hands and words and of course making good green choices.

Here are some of the stories we have shared this week.

This one was very popular and caused a lot of laughter! 

Who is in your family? What do you like to do together? 

What did you like about these books? Was one of them your favourite? Why

Practise tricky wordsI‘ and ‘the‘ and the letter sound ‘s‘.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of exploring, reading, writing, sleeping, eating, singing, dancing and playing! This week make sure you comment on the blog! I wonder who will be first to win a prize for commenting

It will be Red Team‘s turn for Show and Tell on Tuesday. Please bring one toy/picture/item of choice if you would like to. 

I look forward to seeing you again on Monday! Please come wearing your PE kit! 🙂


Miss Linsley x