The Magic Paintbrush and E-safety

Greetings Platypuses,

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We have heard two different versions of The Magic Paintbrush. One was read to you and one we watched – which one did you prefer (like more) and why? Can you remember some of the differences (some things that were different/not the same) and some of the similarities (things that were the same/very alike)? 

An important focus for us this week has been e-safety as it was Safer Internet Day on Tuesday. E-safety is all about staying safe on the internet. Talk to your adult about what you learnt this week and remember to always ask them if you aren’t sure about something.

In maths we have been learning all about shapes, especially 3D shapes.

Can you identify some 3D shapes around you right now? (a box is a cuboid, a can/tin is a cylinder, a ball is a sphere etc.) 

We have also been learning about Chinese New Year and had such fun making Chinese lanterns! We learnt about the Zodiac story and saw how people celebrate Chinese New Year. On the playlist below you will be able to learn some more about the celebrations and also watch some Chinese New Year folk tales.

It will be Green Team‘s turn for Show and Tell on Tuesday. Please only bring in toys when it is your colour team’s turn for Show and Tell as they can easily get lost 😦 

Homework is due in on Mondays

Please wear your PE kit on Monday and make sure all your belongings (school uniform, PE kit, book bag etc.) have your name in/on them. 

I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend full of exploring, reading, writing, sleeping, eating, singing, dancing, homework, talking and of course don’t forget to comment on the blog! Oooh do some mathletics too! 


Miss Linsley x