Goodbye Platypuses

Hello my little ones who are now rather tall, very grown up and ready for Year 1! 

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I hope you are having a lovely summer holiday so far. Well done for all your learning this past year, it has been so lovely to have you in my class and I’m very proud of all the progress you have made. You will have a great time in Year 1 with Mr Fielder and I will still see you all the time! 

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Over the course of the year we have talked lots about plastic pollution and how to care for our planet. The summer is a great time to think some more about what you use in your homes and what positive changes you could make to protect the earth

Watch the video below to see what a positive difference people can make! 

Perhaps you will be near somewhere which is doing a beach clean up and then you too could help clean up a beach. Sadly we don’t have turtles living in the wild in this country but there are lots of other creatures that would appreciate your help as well as the sea!

I’ll be going to the one in Brighton this Sunday 🙂 

Challenge: Here are some more videos about the environment that could stimulate discussions and conversations: 

It has been very hot this last week so we should also think about ways to cut down on water – we should of course always be trying not to waste water but in the heat it is especially important! For instance if you bring home water bottles that aren’t completely empty you could save the water rather than pouring it down the drain and use it to water your plants. 

What are the best ways to stay safe in the sun

Lastly, we have most recently been learning about the animals of the savannah, continue to develop your knowledge and enjoy the Tinga Tinga Tales with the videos below. 

I love the Christian the lion story! 

Hugs to all of you “my babies” 


Miss Linsley x

P.S. Thank you for all the lovely and very generous end of term cards and presents and for the food for the party – we had a great balance of delicious fruits and yummy not-so-healthy things!