Nocturnal animals and adding!

Greetings Platypuses!

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I hope you are having a lovely half-term 🙂

Last week we learnt about nocturnal animals and shared the story Owl Babies.

What was your favourite part of the story?

What kept being repeated (said over and over again) in the story?

When do owls come out, day or night?

What do owls like to eat?

What do we call animals that come out at night? (nocturnal animals) 

What other nocturnal animals can you name? (badger, mole, fox, bat, wolf, mouse, racoon, hedgehog)

In maths we learnt about adding. 

What is this sign/symbol called? +

What is this sign/symbol called? =

Can you complete the number sentences below? 




Is this number sentence right? Can you fix it if it isn’t? 


It will be Yellow Team‘s turn for Show and Tell on Tuesday. Please bring one toy/picture/item of choice if you would like to. Please only bring in toys when it is your colour team’s turn for Show and Tell as they can easily get lost 😦

Please wear your PE kit on Monday and make sure all your belongings (school uniform, PE kit, book bag etc.) have your name in/on them. 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday full of exploring, reading, writing, sleeping, eating, singing, dancing, playing and your fabulous new phonics homework!  Make sure you comment on the blog! 


Miss Linsley x